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Microprocessor feet are a type of hydraulic ankle/feet that use various sensors to continuously monitor the user’s movement and adjust both the angle and stiffness of the hydraulic ankle in real-time. 

This technology offers better ankle movement and foot control on uneven terrain, inclines or declines, and stairs, which may result in decreased socket pressures, reduced risk of stumbling, and improved prosthetic mobility. 

Some important things to consider include that this type of foot is heavier than many other foot options and must be charged regularly. 

Many users find that microprocessor feet pair well with microprocessor knees.

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Elan and ElanIC's Microprocessor-Controls

The addition of the microprocessor control is especially beneficial during slope ambulation where it reduces energy expenditure of the user and improves stability and safety, particularly during descent.

The control also enhances stability in the Elan and ElanIC while standing, where resistances can be increased, thus decreasing the amount of energy required by the user to balance.

The ElanIC's inductive charging feature increases the ease with which the ElanIC can be charged and introduces a waterproof feature to the device.

Proprio Foot

Proprio Foot is an adaptive microprocessor-controlled ankle for low to moderately active people with an amputation, designed to improve safety by increasing toe clearance in swing phase and adapting to changing terrain. Proprio Foot is fully waterproof in salt and fresh water (excluding chlorinated water). Proprio Foot redefines what is expected from a microprocessor-controlled ankle, truly delivering the freedom to move naturally with safety and stability. Let your patients experience a new level of mobility.


The Meridium prosthetic foot was specially designed for moderately active users who navigate varied indoor and outdoor environments and place a high value on intuitive adaptation that replicates natural movement.

  • Constant adaptations within the foot adjust to changes in terrain like uneven ground and slopes

  • The microprocessor controls the smooth hydraulic rollover and makes walking feel effortless

  • Automatic heel height adjustment for easy shoe

Would you like to receive a complimentary in-person or online consultation with our clinical team?  Please contact us

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