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 Transforming Lives with Cutting-Edge Care

Welcome to Quantum Prosthetics & Orthotics, where cutting-edge solutions meet personalized patient care.

At our state-of-the-art clinic, we pride ourselves on empowering amputees with advanced artificial limbs and myoelectric arm prosthetics.

Our journey with you begins even before amputation, with pre-amputation consultations to ensure the best possible outcome.

Our Prosthetic Orthotic Clinic is dedicated to providing not just exceptional devices but also amputee empowerment and support.

We believe in the power of technology and compassionate care to enhance lives.

Join us on this transformative path as we redefine possibilities together.

At Quantum Prosthetics & Orthotics, your new future begins today.

Wheelchair Athlete

"Great experience overall. I would describe Vikram as a good communicator, conscientious and an as an outstanding professional overall. The staff is really cooperative and helpful. The facility is brand new and equipped with latest required technology. I am satisfied and don’t hesitate to go through them."

-Mikail B

Vikram Choudhary CPO, LPO

Vikram Choudhary CPO Fitting patient with an advanced myoelectric hand
Quantum pediatric patient being fit with advanced leg prosthesis
Shoulder Disarticulation prostheis being fit to patient

Vikram Choudhary is American Board-Certified Prosthetics & Orthotics specialist who has been helping thousands of patients on their paths to rehabilitation.


Vikram’s decades of clinical experience, and expertise in biomechanics makes him able to diagnose and address the most difficult clinical conditions. He is an expert in Biomechanics, and a pioneer of innovative designs and protocols.


His passion and commitment to the field of prosthetics has earned him numerous accolades, including several awards for his innovative and compassionate work. Vikram has won many awards for his research work in the field of Prosthetics & Orthotics.


His compassion and desire to make a difference in people’s lives has been widely showcased and heralded by various NEWS channels, such as ABC, CNN, FOX, CNBC, Times News.

Apart from his professional interests, Vikram loves to participate in charity events. An accomplished artist, his paintings and artwork have been auctioned for several charities.



We provide individualized care and customized solutions to help you regain your strength, power, and spirit.  


Athlete with Amputated Leg

We design custom prosthetic solutions for all levels of lower limb loss using clinically-appropriate technology and state-of-the-art components. We use advanced materials and designs to help people with all levels of lower limb loss and limb difference regain their mobility and independence. 

Our years of experience and expertise in the upper limb prosthetic fittings and care makes us provide the experience second to none in the industry.

Knee Joint Examination
Ankle Measurement

We treat a full spectrum of gait and musculoskeletal conditions present at birth or caused by illness or injury, with an extensive range of innovative, personalized solutions to help you achieve your goals. By listening to your needs, wants, and concerns, we get to know the whole you, gaining a better perspective on how best to increase your mobility and comfort, while decreasing rehabilitation time.

We understand the unique physical, emotional, and social needs of our youngest patients. By teaming up with parents and other care providers, we work hard to deliver the best possible outcomes for each child.

We treat children with a variety of mobility and musculoskeletal conditions, from providing prosthetic devices to creating scoliosis braces and cranial-reshaping orthoses. We closely monitor progress over time, incorporating age-appropriate treatment plans and applying new, innovative technologies to ensure the best possible care throughout each child’s journey.

RGO Fitting

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