Vikram Choudhary

President & Clinical Director


Vikram Choudhary has formal education in Prosthetics & Orthotics, and is a Board certified Prosthetics & Orthotics specialist who began his career in 1991 and has since practiced to help thousands of patients on their paths to rehabilitation.


Upon completing his Post Graduation in Hospital Management and Administration, Vikram has worked in various hospitals and clinics globally.


Vikram’s decades of clinical experience, and expertise in biomechanics makes him able to diagnose and address the most difficult clinical conditions. He is an expert in Biomechanics, and a pioneer of  innovative designs and protocols.


His passion and commitment to the field of prosthetics has earned him numerous accolades, including several awards for his innovative and compassionate work. His compassion and desire to make a difference in people’s lives has been widely showcased and heralded by various media channels, such as  ABC, CNN, FOX, CNBC, NWI Times, Dayton Daily News, Seattle Times.

Apart from his professional interests, Vikram loves to ride motorcycles, cook, and participate in charity events. An accomplished artist, his paintings and artwork have been auctioned for several charities.

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